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SALES Department

   C7 GLOBAL's sales department is composed of Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Regional Supervisors, Sales Representatives, and Trade Marketing Experts. Our team of hands-on professionals with years of sales & marketing experience combine their efforts every day to identify existing opportunities within the market and serve them with the highest level of commitment.

Logistics & Distribution

Relying on Technology

At C7 GLOBAL, technology is the resource that allows us to integrate the efforts of all departments to serve our customers with the fastest response time and accuracy.

Our state of the art integrated technology systems allow our sales team to transfer client orders to our warehouse in real time while permitting sales representatives to monitor individual inventory on hand live. This level of transparency in our operational processes provided personal and direct attention to each one of our individual clients and points of sale.  We can track scheduled sales and services visits for each retail location on any given day allowing us to measure our client’s inventory turnover per store, inventory levels of any single item at each store’s warehouse and shelves. With this depth of information we are able to assess market opportunities and proactively respond to changing customer and category trends.

Supply Chain / Inventory Management


Our integrated inventory system and active forecasting processes allow us to optimize our global supply chain, ensuring we have the correct inventory levels at all time. We have historically achieved a consistent 98% service level (fill-rate) across all our customers and markets.



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